Cold but not record breaking cold.

That’s how Carmen Hartt, a Meteorologist with Environment Canada, describes the temperatures in the Cariboo this morning.

But she says it has been colder…

“This morning’s low was -28.5 degrees. Our records here at Environment and Climate Change Canada go back to 1892. The record is actually -42.2 and that was set on this day in 1909. For Williams Lake, the same thing, again it was very cold this morning. The minimum was -22.8 and the record for this date is actually -28.5 and that was set in 1990.”

Hartt says it doesn’t appear there will be any Valentine’s Day records either…

“The record low for Quesnel on Valentine’s Day was -43.3 degrees and that was set in 1936. For Williams Lake, it was -32.4 and that was set in 1979.”

Hartt says we will remain well below normal however throughout most of the rest of the month.

The typical low in February is only around -8 degrees.