It was a good ending after Central Cariboo Search and Rescue were tasked by RCMP for the search of an overdue person.

Chief Rick White says they received the call Monday night at around 10, and that someone from their truck radio had heard a weak radio signal that a man was having mechanical issues somewhere west of Williams Lake.

He says after talking to some sources, they found out where he worked in the bush and dispatched two teams-one to where the man was working and one to where they thought the radio signal came from.

“Our crews located him at about three in the morning,” White says.

“His vehicle was barely moving, and once he stopped and talked to our crew the vehicle wouldn’t move again. So we moved the people-three people, from the cab of their truck and into our rescue truck and brought them into the nearest house probably 50 kilometers away”

“They’re all safe and sound, and it was a good end. Everybody’s fine and crews are back home now, and all stocked up and ready to roll out again.”

White recommends anyone spending an extended period of time outdoors to make sure somebody knows exactly where they are going and what time they are due back, and to carry extra clothing, food, and water.

An open recruitment house this past weekend for CCSAR’s┬áland search and rescue team attracted about 30 people.

“We’ve already had three or four people apply to join the unit so overall it was a great success,” White says.

“The unit is growing and we’re one of the best responders in the Cariboo, and we’re always available 24/7.”