The Cariboo’s unemployment numbers are in.

“The unemployment rate fell by 1.4 percentage points to 5.9 percent as fewer people participated in the labour market,” said Statistics Canada senior economist, Emmanuelle Bourbeau.

“When looking at the industry, employment declined in the service-producing sectors notably in wholesale and retail trade. We also noticed some employment increases in the goods-producing sectors led by manufacturing.”

Canada’s unemployment rate increased by 0.2 percentage points as 5.8%¬†more people looked for work.

“For the province of British Columbia employment was little changed compared with December,” Bourbeau said.

“The unemployment rate in the province increased 0.3 percentage points to 4.7 percent as more people participated in the labour market, however,¬† despite this increase in the unemployment rate for the province it is still the lowest among all of the provinces.”