The Manager of the Quesnel Curling Club is feeling pretty good about how their group pulled off hosting the BC Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships.

Dave Plant says there wasn’t a lot they could have done better…

“Looking back there are probably always things you think you can improve on, but overall i’m going to give this a 9 1/2 out of 10 from our standpoint. The players were extremely happy and that was our ultimate goal, to make sure the players could play on a great surface, and they could order their transportation and they were taken care of to the nines, so that was our goal and everything else was kind of secondary and we pulled it off big time.”

In what might be the ultimate compliment, BC Men’s Champion Jim Cotter said the event felt like a mini-Brier.

Plant says he was overwhelmed with the number of volunteers they had…

“We had people coming up to us during the event saying we wished we would have signed up to help. To be honest with you if the curling centre ever hosts another event like this I just know that army of a hundred and 70 could grow up to 250 easily, because we were all having fun and it was just a real relaxed atmosphere putting this on.”

Plant says the crowds were great as well, especially in light of the -30 degree temperatures for the playoffs on the weekend.