The mercury soared to 30 degrees in Quesnel yesterday but it was not a record for September 21st.
Doug Lundquist, a Meteorologist with Environment Canada, says it was 30.6 degrees on that day back in 1987.
It was 25.4 degrees on Saturday, also just below the record of 26.1 set just a couple of years ago in 2012.
For Williams Lake, Lundquist says it was 28.3 degrees yesterday, just off the record of 29.2 in ’87.
Lundquist says it has been a month of extremes as Williams Lake had a record low of -4.5 degrees back on September 11th, shattering the old mark of -3.9 in 1964.
Looking ahead, Lundquist says we won’t see records but we can expect milder temperatures for a while…
“We’re expecting for example in Quesnel, daytime highs to range between the high teens and perhaps touching the low 20s at least through Thursday…even into Saturday and Sunday will be just below 20 degrees for highs…What’s really unusual is the overnight lows are going to range between 8 degrees, maybe as high as 13 degrees…That’s way above the average low of 3 degrees.”
Lundquist says it may seem cooler in terms of daytime highs but he says we are still right where we should be for this time of year.