With donation bins coming under increased scrutiny, Big Brothers Big Sisters say their purple donation bins in Williams Lake are different from those that have resulted in tragedy.

Central and Southern Interior of BC, executive director Helen Brownrigg says they take these tragic accidents seriously and that their bins are a different style so that no injury can happen to individuals.

“We also check our bins daily and sometimes more when volumes are high so that they are properly maintained,” Brownrigg said.

“The charities that purchased a different style of bin have recalled them from their locations.”

The Salvation Army announced this week it will be placing caution labels on existing bins at its Thrift Stores as an advisory to the public.

“We hope that these labels, and the discussions taking place in the public sphere and with our partners, help raise awareness around the proper use of donation bins,” said Managing Director of The Salvation Army Thrift Store, Ted Troughton noting that it has not had any tragic incidents occur with any donation bins they operate.

A homeless woman in Toronto died in a clothing donation bin and a West Vancouver man died after becoming trapped in one this month.