A bizarre theft in Williams Lake has the general manager of Domino’s scratching their head after an individual picked up more than just a fresh pie.

A video shared on social media shows a man that appears to take a topper off of a delivery vehicle before peeling away from the parking lot.

Co-owner, Austin Morrison says the incident occurred around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon.

“It was just after four when my other driver came in and then made the comment to the driver who had it stolen off his car that you weren’t wearing a topper today, and he was like no, I’ve had it on all day,” Morrison said.

“It was quite the shocker. I’ve been with Domino’s for about five years roughly now and I’ve been at the Quesnel store, and we’ve never had an issue like this at all.”

Morrison encourages anyone with information on the topper to contact Domino’s.

He says although the topper is battery powered, it likely won’t last more than 12 hours without being charged with a specialized plug.

“Normally we don’t get nearly as many shares or anything as this video has. It’s funny as it is because really what do you make of that,” Morrison said with a laugh.