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Holidays Can Be An Emotionally Difficult Time: Interior Health

Healthcare providers are issuing tips for your mental wellness this holiday season.

“Our final tip is just to survive,” said Interior Health counselor Grant Heindl who issued a number of tips with Seija Emond.

“Sometimes just getting through the holiday season without making things worse or more complicated or more difficult is a success in and of its self.”

Heindl and Emond both said although most of us have some happy times during the holidays, many of us also experience more difficult emotions, such as loneliness, stress, depression, and anxiety.

These are their seven tips:

  • Keep it simple: Start with the end result in mind. Ask yourself “How do I want to be feeling after the holidays?” and then “What do I have to do to end up feeling that way?” If possible, do more things that will help you achieve that end results
  • Make a plan: To look after yourself, be intentional and make time for self-reflection. Remember that you don’t have to be involved in everything. Plan a support system – have people you can connect with if you need to talk or reach out for help.
  • Set realistic expectations: Expect things will not be perfect. Expect others to behave as they normally do. Expect not everything will go as planned. When we are busy wishing things were different, we may miss moments that bring joy.
  • Balance self-care with caring for others: Make time for yourself while making time for others.
  • Avoid triggers: When it is possible, skillfully avoid those people and places that trigger negative emotions and memories for you.
  • Limit the use of alcohol and drugs.
  • Survive: Sometimes we won’t be able to have a “holly jolly Christmas.” If we make it through with ourselves and our relationships intact, we have succeeded. This year, take a step back, pause, and breathe. Try something different. Be well.

If you are struggling, call the Interior Crisis Line which is available 24 hours a day including Christmas Day at 1-888-353-2273.

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