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Changes to Tipping Fees, Free disposal weight limits at Central Cariboo Transfer Station in 2019

Cariboo Regional District and City of Williams Lake residents will see changes to the rates and free disposal weight limits at the Central Cariboo Transfer Station on Frizzi Road in 2019.

“We’d really like people to be aware of how they generate waste, how much they’re generating, and how they deal with it. We certainly want to see items recycled that can be recycled,” said CRD solid waste management supervisor, Tera Grady.

“Our demolition and construction tipping fees that we charge are quite high and that is to preserve the demolition and construction landfill airspace that we have at the Williams Lake site. We’re running out of room at that location so we’d like to make it last as long as we can.”

Grady adds that if they have higher rates for demolition and construction waste it gives the incentive to sort out all of the clean wood waste and materials that can be recycled at other locations.

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As of January 4, 2019, residents will be able to drop off 100 kilograms of waste for free at the transfer station, which is a decrease from the current limit of 200 kilograms without charge. Any loads over 100 kg will be charged for the entire weight of the load.

The following waste disposal rates will also apply to residential loads over 100 kilograms and to all commercial loads, regardless of weight:

Waste Type Rate as of Jan. 4, 2019 2018 Rate
Household waste $0.08 per kg $0.07 per kg
Clean wood waste $0.08 per kg $0.07 per kg
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Asphalt roofing waste $0.08 per kg $0.07 per kg
Demolition/Construction waste $0.20 per kg $0.20 per kg
Concrete & Rock $0.025 per kg $0.023 per kg


The CRD will be developing its next 10-year Solid Waste Management Plan starting in 2020 with user-pay systems, rates, and recycling participation being reviewed as the plan develops.

“We did do a reduction in June of this year down from 450 kg to 200 kg so we’ve seen quite a dramatic reduction in the last year, ” Grady said.

“We’re going to let it sit with this 100 kg until at least 2019. Right now the fees that aren’t being charged to residents are being paid through taxation either from the City of Williams Lake or the CRD.”

Grady adds that the CRD will be hiring qualified professionals next year to evaluate the Central Cariboo Transfer Station to determine the next five-year plan for the facility and how many years of life remain.

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