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Rash Of Thefts From Vehicles In Quesnel

Quesnel RCMP are reporting a notable increase in thefts from vehicles in the city, particularly in the downtown core.

Sergeant Chris Riddle…

“Typical items stolen from vehicles include purses, wallets, credit cards, passports, house keys, cash, clothing, sunglasses as well as hand held electronics such as Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops. During the Holiday Season, Christmas Gifts, Liquor and Groceries have also been targeted.”

Riddle encourages people not to leave any property in their vehicle, adding that thieves will break in for as little as a few coins or a cigarette lighter.

Other tips include..

•Do not keep spare keys to your vehicle in your vehicle.

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•Do not leave any personal identification in an unattended vehicle or you could become a victim of identity theft.

•If you drive an older model vehicle without passive immobilization, invest in one in conjunction with using a steering wheel lock every time you park your vehicle. This will not only protect you from having your vehicle stolen, but is also a visual deterrent to thieves.

•Secure your licence plates with bolts – Criminals commonly steal licence plates to commit other crimes.

•Do not set the ‘Home’ function on your GPS or smart phone to your home address, but rather to a nearby intersection, thereby not allowing the suspects to know exactly where you live.

•Do not keep your garage door opener in your vehicle along with any identifying information as this could result in directing the suspects directly to your residence. Keep your insurance papers locked in your glove box.

•If you have a garage, use it when parking at home. If you don’t have access to a garage, light your driveway at night. Elsewhere, park in well lit, open, visible areas. Avoid parking behind fences or hedges.

RCMP also ask for the public’s help by calling them if they see any suspicious persons or activities near a vehicle.

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