The breezeway, in the 400 block of Reid Street, was re-opened during the construction on Reid to assist with the flow of pedestrians during the project.

Councillor Mitch Vik…

“This is a very important access point from someone who exists downtown for a lot of the day. And also, considerations i’m sure you’ve made, is for the new housing project that is across there, this could be a very important access point to, not just get people onto Reid Street, but just allow people to function and access other parts of our downtown core.”

Director of Development Services Tanya Turner indicated that it’s not just the City that likes the idea of keeping it open…

“The city has surveyed the businesses in this complex whom all have indicated they are in favour of keeping it open, but have indicated some worries about some externalities associated with it being left open such as vandalism, loitering and public urination. In order to minimize those externalities it is understood that improvements to this space will be needed such as lighting, anti graffiti painting and such.”

Turner says the building inspector has also suggested more significant improvements…

“Such as skylights to the roof for natural lighting or remove that portion of roof. He looked as well at some improvements to accessibility, there is a step that is exiting into the parking lot area and it would be recommended that would be made into an accessible ramp. The ceiling of the roof is combustible materials and should be removed or covered.”

Turner says he also stated that these issues would need to be identified whether or not the breezeway was left open or not.

It would be the property owner that would likely have to pay for the bulk of the bill, although Council has said it will throw in $10,000.

The next step is to speak to the property owner.

Mayor Bob Simpson also noted that there is the question of maintenance of the breezeway.