Over the past 30-years, South Cariboo residents have been very generous in their support of this annual holiday event.

Turkey Day was held this morning at our sister station Country 840 in 100 Mile House, where listeners were asked to call in and donate a turkey.

Morning man and host, Larry Rode sums up how this years edition went

“Well we had the studio packed by 5:30 this morning and when we wrapped up our tally just after 8 o’clock we were sitting at 488 now with Orville Septic Tank Service and the Canim Lake Band with their ten we’ve gone up to 506 point 6.”

They hit their total of 400 turkeys by ten to seven this morning when 100 Mile Canim Lake Truckers made a very generous donation of 100 turkeys.

Rode said today’s Turkey Day definitely rates in the top five having raised a total of 12-thousand five-hundred and fifty dollars and that it was the first time pre donations sat at 255 before the event started at 6 am.