Where is the snow ?

Would be skiers and others, that either like the snow or who rely on it to make a living, may be asking that question.

Bobby Sekhon, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, says November was 3.2 degrees warmer than normal in the Cariboo and it doesn’t look like there will be any of the white stuff in the immediate future…

“As we move into the next week here we’re going to be under a ridge of high pressure and you’re going to see fairly dry and cool conditions up into the weekend. The next chance of snow will likely come early next week once the ridge breaks down and we get into a potential system coming through.”

Getting back to November, Sekhon says it was very wet in Quesnel…

“It only ranked 16th warmest as our preliminary numbers are telling us, but it was the third wettest November in the Quesnel area on record. The preliminary numbers for precipitation totals that we have is 84 millimeters. The normal is only 51 millimeters, so you can see it was quite a bit wetter.”

The record is 100 millimeters back in 1927.

It was the 7th wettest November on record in Williams Lake.