Why You Should Consider Trades Training

It’s time to take the next step in life and you’re thinking about what path to choose. There are a lot of options and it can be overwhelming. You want a prosperous future and most often that comes from obtaining a post-secondary education. A post-secondary school, such as the College of New Caledonia, offers trades technical training that teaches skills related to a specific job and sets you up for success in your given career choice. Choosing this path comes with a number of benefits, which could be suited to the life you want to live.

Earning Potential

This is true for any type of education. Whether you’re getting trades technical training or a bachelor’s degree, obtaining post-secondary education bumps up your salary or wage compared to those without it. The more you learn, the more you earn. By completing trades training at the College of New Caledonia you will become a high-end wage-earner in your field. This type of education can lead to well-paying jobs with room for growth, managerial potential, and the possibility of owning your own business.

Practical & Hands-On Learning

Trades technical training combines real-life experience with education. Everything you learn is directly applicable to your field of interest and builds the technical skills you need to be successful for a specific occupation. The majority of the training is hands-on and the focus is on learning the skills you’ll be using in your job when you graduate.

Great Job Prospects

Because trade school sets their students up with the skills for a certain job, it’s often easier to initially find a job in that field. Many of the programs at the College of New Caledonia’s Quesnel Campus are focussed on fields where there is a high demand for workers. There is also the potential for you to be self-employed, work as a contractor, or own your own business as a service provider.

Smaller Student Debt Amounts

Less time in school also means you’ll pay less. At half the cost of a bachelor’s degree, trades training means you’ll need less financial aid and you’ll be able to take out smaller loans. You’ll also be able to pay back those loans faster due to their smaller size and because you’ll be working years sooner.  Another advantage of pursuing a trade is that there are grant opportunities available for apprentices as they move through their apprenticeship.

Fast Track To Working Sooner

Obtaining a trades education requires less ‘in school’ time than most other programs. Less time in school means you’ll spend more time getting job experience and progress faster in your career. Most students combine working for their employer with time spent at school which allows you to work while getting your education so you will be earning while learning and moving up the pay scale as you go.

Not everyone needs the same education to be successful, but if you’re someone who learns by doing and you want to obtain credentials and join the workforce quickly, then consider studying a trade at College of New Caledonia’s Quesnel Campus. Book an appointment with their academic advisor to discuss a plan that works for you – whether it be trades training, upgrading, university studies, health sciences, human services or first aid training and industry training, CNC Quesnel can help you reach your goals.

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