A Quesnel athlete cracked the top 10 at the Provincial Cross Country Running Championship in Nanaimo.

Ruby Nicholas, from Quesnel Junior School, was an impressive 7th in the Junior girls race out of 239 competitors.

She was 43rd last year.

Megan Strand from Correlieu also had a good run.

She was 56th overall.


SR. GIRLS (of 226)

209 Amber Proudfoot (Correlieu)

SR BOYS (of 262)

237 Adam Nicholas (Correlieu)
240 Matthew Caine (Correlieu)
249 Christopher Henderson (Correlieu)

JR. BOYS (of 277)

129 Caleb Woollends (QJS)
180 Ethan Reid (Lake City Secondary)
181 Logan Dyer (Lake City Secondary)
196 Judah Klassen (QJS)
244 Tyson Roberts (QJS)
254 Lucas Arnold (QJS)
260 Owen Rossman (QJS)
262 Linden Spencer (QJS)