An MLA for Peace River South was in the Cariboo to discuss what he calls the LNG opportunity yesterday.

Mike Bernier was in Williams Lake and 100 Mile House to discuss with community members the potentials of the liquefied natural gas industry.

Bernier says LNG presents a great opportunity for not only the province but also the region.

“Right now I heard from a lot of people who are driving or flying up to Northern BC, who are working up there; they’re making sure they bring that money back into the area…when you have an area like Williams Lake, Quensel ¬†where there are people who have unfortunately lost their job but have those skill sets, that’s transferable.”

According to Bernier, the LNG industry offers the creation of tens of thousands of jobs throughout the province and investments in the millions for the province.

“If we get a couple of LNG plants going through, you’re looking at a hundred-thousand jobs that are going to be needed to be filled…Really to pull this off the entire province is going to have to work together because there are going to be opportunities for everyone.”

Bernier has over 20 years of experience in the natural gas industry and calls it one of the safest and most regulated industries.

“When it comes to installing pipelines (natural gas) we have some of the best regulations in North America, some of the best people as well. When it comes with safety and regulation to make sure it’s done properly British Columbia is number one.”

Bernier also shared what actions the provincial government will be taking towards the industry this fall.

“We’re going to be looking at setting some of the regulation around how we’re going to deal with LNG, some of the taxes as well to ensure we can promote and encourage that investment in BC.”

Bernier’s presentation on The LNG Opportunity was in partnership with the South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce and Cariboo Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett.