It’s not just the fall season, but also bear season.

Numerous sightings of bears within the City of Williams Lake have been reported.

Len Butler, with the Conservation Officer Services in Williams Lake, says two main problems are contributing to the matter.

“Every area we to go or the residences we stop in to, the majority of the reason the bear is there is because it’s getting into somebody’s garbage or it’s eating on fruit trees.”

Butler stresses that securing garbage and picking fruit is not only important to bear in mind to deter bears from entering from residences but to also save a bear life from euthanasia.

“We try to that mitigate before it happens…so if people cleaned-up before that, it wouldn’t get to that point.”

Butler says many bears, especially black bears, are euthanized because once they enter a  residence, they will return.

Butler adds that anyone who does not practice safe storage for bear attractants can face fines. and should you see a bear, to follow these simple steps:

“Just get into the house, if you feel it”s unsafe…and then I would suggest you call the RAPP Line (1-877-952-7277).”