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Williams Lake SPCA Thrilled with Donation of Dog Carving

A carving of a great Dane by a former Carver King has been given a second chance to be loved.

The carving of Murphy who was the family pet of an Alberta family has found it’s temporary home at the Williams Lake and District SPCA.

Spirit Carver Dean says he didn’t go to where he was met to go at first.

“The people wanted something else,” he said.

“It was kind of heartbreaking in that I carved Murphy and I put a lot into Murphy so he was kind of passed over and that’s why he was left behind so I was really happy when Murphy had found a home at the SPCA. It was really exciting for me, I was glad.”

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Dean adds that Murphy took ten to twenty hours to carve.

“Like all the things I do is a first time,” says Dean.

“I’m a learning carver-I learn as I go. Murphy was probably my second to third dog that I’ve carved and I went the extra mile with Murphy too. I verathaned him and made him not susceptible to the elements because he is spar varnished and secure so the wood will not move anymore.”

Pioneer Log Homes sales and marketing assistant, Aleesha Mousseau says their Sugarcane Cane Division collectively made the decision for ‘Murphy’ to go to the SPCA where he would be valued.

“This guy was just sitting around for a couple months, so we wanted to do something with it,” she said.

“So we decided well the SPCA they deal with dogs and cats every day so we thought why not donate it to them. I’ve been told that it’s going to auction off at their next silent auction so it’s going to a good cause.”

SPCA Branch Manager Liz Dighton says they’re thrilled to receive Murphy and confirmed that the Branch will be auctioning him off.

She says because of this year’s wildfire season in which many of their staff offered their assistance to other Branches, they were unable to hold many of their fundraisers and are down in much-needed funds.

“We’ll definitely have our calendar coming out just after Remembrance Day and then we are also planning a pub night for November,” Dighton says.

“Details to come.”

Monetary donations to the Williams Lake SPCA can be made online or in person. Dighton says the Branch also welcomes any donation of toys, sheets, and cleaning supplies.

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