A small Chilcotin community will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of their health care center.

Tomorrow marks 100 years of medical care for the Alexis Creek Health Center.

Former nurse, Mary Engelbert says the center has touched many lives.

“This place has affected many, many, many ┬ápeople from many communities over the years, even tourists who travel Highway 20.”

Engelbert adds that there are numberless stories the Center holds and shares one.

“In 1949, before the Red Cross took over, it was renovated right down to the bare walls. Apparently one pioneer, and she was a nurse as well, said they went down right to walls and rebuild a nice 3-bed ward at that time.”

Engelbert says that tomorrow will mark even more of those stories being shared.

“I’m sure we’ll hear more at the celebration; people will be bringing their stories with them.”

The 100th-anniversary celebration will start tomorrow beginning at 1 pm at the Alexis Creek Community Hall.