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Williams Lake resident hopes to land on Inked Magazine

A resident from Williams Lake could be on the cover of Inked magazine.

Kimberley Paige is in the running of a voter-driven contest to be named as the magazine’s cover girl with a cash prize of $25,000.

She says she didn’t think much of the contest link her friend sent her on Facebook at first until one day she thought what’s the harm in trying.

“At the time I was going through a bit of a rough go and I saw this link that she had sent me and kind of laughed it off like oh thanks, but I’m not going to try that,” she said.

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“And then one day I was just kind of sitting there and thought you know what I’m going to try.”

After submitting some photos, Paige says it was then a couple of days later that she got a text message from an odd number that turned out to be Inked magazine.

“I’m feeling a little nervous not going to lie, but I’m definitely really excited,” she said.

“I was bullied really badly growing up and it’s something I never thought would be possible, and I always looked at these girls and thought that they were so gorgeous and amazing.”

“To be competing against them is so crazy and such a surreal feeling. It’s life-changing for sure.”

As for how many tattoos she has, Paige says that’s hard to say as they’re all kind of linked together noting that she already has a couple more in mind she would like to get.

“I have a female warrior on my arm, some leopard spots on my shoulder, and then I have a huge chest piece which is a crown and three roses for some family members that had passed away,” she said.

“And then I have a butterfly on my neck which probably means the most to me and it was inspired by a quote that I had seen ‘perhaps the butterfly is living proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and find something beautiful so that really spoke to me and I wanted to put it somewhere that would remind me of it every day.”

There are seven different rounds in the voter-driven contest with the first round closing on Oct. 2.

“My mom is my number one supporter for sure. I love her to death and she’s so amazing,” Paige said.

“It’s been such a heartwarming experience. The number of people in Williams Lake for sure, but also all over B.C who are supporting me and sharing my stuff, the link to vote, and just reaching out to me and messaging me and sending me positive thoughts and wishes. It’s just so neat and so cool.”

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