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Has Declining Enrollment Finally Ended For Quesnel School District ?

Preliminary enrollment figures for the Quesnel School District show, for the first time in a long time, a slight increase in the number of students.

District Superintendent Sue-Ellen Miller…

“As of September 10th we had 2,956 students in attendance. And our projected enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year was 2,939 so we’re just slightly over that projected enrollment which is a really good sign.”

Miller says that is also up from where they left off in June when there were 2,940 students.

She says all of these numbers indicate that declining enrollment finally seems to have leveled off…

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“What we’re really starting to see if those really large grade 11 and 12 classes are now moving out of the system and we’re now at those smaller classes that have started to come in over the past few years at kindergarten, so people may remember that we may have a grad class of 350 or maybe 400. That’s where they were when they started kindergarten, and now our kindergarten classes are more like 200 kids coming in at each grade level.”

The District’s final enrollment numbers won’t be ready until the end of the month however, so they could change slightly.

Miller says the numbers don’t have much of an impact on the budget, as the district remains in funding protection for the declining enrollment of past years.


2017-18 2,940
2016-17 2,990
2015-16 3,062
2014-15 3,064
2013-14 3,148
2012-13 3,263
2011-12 3,360
2010-11 3,450

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