With a heat warning continuing for 100 Mile House and Williams Lake today, were any records broken yesterday in the Cariboo?

Meteorologist for Environment Canada, Doug Lundquist has the answer

“No, because i think it’s perhaps due to the smoke around that tends to reduce the amount of sunlight that hits the ground, so we didn’t but we were close. It was a little clearer toward Lytton and Lillooet and lytton hit 40 point six yesterday”.

Williams Lakes record high on this day was 32 point five and Quesnel was 35 point six.

Todays forecasted high is 36 and if some of the smoke breaks up, Lundquist said it is possbile that a record could be broken.

Looking at the long range forecast Lundquist said tomorrow (Friday) Environment Canada is expecting a cold front and the high will be around 29 with a chance of showers, for the weekend highs are expected to reach the mid twenties with showers mixed in with sun.