Within 24 hours of announcing it would discontinue service in Western Canada, the provincial government says it is taking steps to ensure it is ready before the October 31 pullout by Greyhound Canada.

“My staff has convened a meeting with my counterparts across Western Canada,” said Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Claire Trevena.

“We will be talking on Thursday to find out different approaches that the different provinces are going to be looking at, ways that we can work together because this is not just a BC issue. This is a Canadian issue.”

The province Trevena adds will be talking to all providers of bus services to find out what capacity there is in the province to ensure that people do have that safe, reliable transportation.

“We know that there are private operators who are very nimble and quick,” she said

“Look at what happened when Greyhound pulled out on Vancouver Island. We had very quickly a private bus operator come in and built the route, and is doing so very successfully so I’m sure that there are operators around the province who would want to take over some of these routes.”

Greyhound Canada announced Monday it is discontinuing operations both passenger and freight in all provinces except Ontario and Quebec effective October 31, 2018. Canada-US routes including Vancouver to Seattle will continue.

It said despite best efforts over several years, ridership has dropped nearly 41% across the country since 2010 within a changing and increasingly challenging transportation environment.

“We’re looking at all options,” said Trevena.

“There is nothing off the table at the moment because my priority is to ensure that the people of BC can travel safely and affordably around this province.”