The B.C Government and the Canadian Red Cross have announced a new program extending relief for residents affected by disaster including floods and fire.

Premier John Horgan made the announcement Wednesday following a flyover of Grand Forks that was heavily impacted by flooding.

“There’s still a number of homes that are not able to be occupied, questions about whether we rebuild on the same location or find new locations within the Grand Forks area,” he says.

“The flyover was quite graphic to see the damage still in place after the waters have receded and the community is desperate for help.”

The Recovery Transition Program Horgan explained will commence when emergency social services conclude, and provide assistance for up to 90 days to households that are primary residences and have been determined to be uninhabitable by the local government.

“That will be a 30 period and renewed for 30, and another 30 after that for a total of 90 days that will provide residents with $2,800.”

Although flooding is the responsibility of local government, Horgan said that the province has every responsibility to make sure that citizens are well cared for after such a disaster and that the Recovery Transition Program is a step in that direction.

The Canadian Red Cross will manage the administration of the program.

“We can’t overstate the impact on communities and families during times of disaster,” said Kimberley Nemrava, Canadian Red Cross vice-president for British Columbia and Yukon.

“With the support of generous British Columbians, and in close collaboration with the government, we are pleased to be able to provide this assistance.