The Williams Lake Indian Band hopes to start rebuilding mountain bike trails this summer that were lost due to wildfires.

“I think one of the most important pieces of that process post salvage logging is that we will be coming back with Sugarcane Archaeology and will look at post impact archaeological on that whole area to make sure we are identifying the impacts that had happened because of the wildfires and we’re not disturbing any potential archaeological sites moving forward in not only the trail building but also the rehabilitation-reclamation works,” says Councillor Willie Sellars.

“Our logging is slated to be completed July 1 and moving on from there we want to get the post-impact assessment done and start rebuilding those trails so we’re going to be going through that planning piece now with the Williams Lake Cycling Club and other partners as well.”

Approximately 15 -16 km of mountain biking trails were lost because of last summer’s wildfires.

“We’ve got great partners and the community is stepping up. Just the idea of rebuilding those trails to make them even better than they were before we’re pretty excited about it,” adds Sellars calling some mountain biking footage provided by Mitch Cheek who is filming in burn areas with James Doerfling encouraging.

“Trails are a big part of history of First Nation culture and rebuilding them so other people can enjoy them as well is pretty exciting,”