The All-Party Select Standing Committee on Agriculture, Fish and Food was in Williams Lake today to hear from local farmers, producers and processors their views on local meat production and inspection in BC.

A total of 7 presenters where each given ten minutes to express their views with five minutes of questions from the panel.

The need for skilled labour and more abbatoirs where two concerns that were featured.

Committee Chair Ronna-Rae Leonard said they’ve heard from both ends of the spectrum and with what people have had to say on these issues .

“I’ve been impressed with the breath and depth of the comments particularly around capacity, and the issues around land availability and that impact on our small scale food processing”.

Leonard said once the public consultations are finished the staff will put together a report on what they’ve heard and will deliberate on them to make recommendations to the Legislator by October first.

Committee member Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett explained the reasons behind the public consultations regarding local meat production and inspection in the Province.

“Sometimes the rules are too stringent, the cost of developing new facilities are too stringent, and so that’s why we do have this All-Party Select Standing Committee going around the Province to hear what are the issues, what are the concerns and what solutions do you have.”

The Committee is on to Castlegar and Kamloops and interested individuals and organizations can participate in these public consultations until June 15th by completing an online survey