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Upcoming Workshop in Williams Lake to Provide Knowledge on Cannabis as Medicine

As government officials at all levels continue to plan for the upcoming legalization of cannabis a herbalist will be coming to Williams Lake discuss the plant as medicine.

Cannabis educator and health coach, Jeananne Laing has been a herbalist for 15 years and says that it was a natural progression to move into cannabis that has been legal medically for a few years now.

“I just realized there was a real lack of information out in the marketplace of how to use the product properly so I started educating myself last year, and then I put together the workshop.”

“I’ve been teaching it since last fall.”

Laing has offered 3 workshops now in Calgary, Edmonton, and the Kootenays, and says that each of them has been well received.

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She says although cannabis is not a cure-all it can help people with some very specific conditions such as chronic pain and PTSD.

“Once I got on the medical side, I got my own prescription and it’s really helped me with things like arthritic type symptoms, and it’s helping me with anxiety, some gastrointestinal issues.”

“I think everyone is onto the fact that the plant has been propagandized for many decades, but in the real world where people are using it they’re getting relief.”

The two-day workshop takes place in Williams Lake on May 4 with an introductory talk followed by a certificate program.

“It’s open to anyone,” says Laing.

“I gave it the name Cannabis for Herbalist to help people understand that I’m not trying to be a doctor with this; I’m helping the people in the alternative health care industry to learn how to use this product…But I’ve had nurses attend my classes, I’ve had first responders attend, I’ve had just lay people who maybe have family members that are dealing with big health conditions they’ve attended as well.”

The cost to take the introductory talk is $35 and $145 for the Certificate Program.

For more information contact Torey at 250-302-1889 or Terri Ann at 250-584-4050.

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