The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 139 in Williams Lake was presented with some big funds Tuesday morning.

Founder of Pioneer Log Homes Byran Reid Sr. with Gerald Overton Sr. presented a cheque of $90,000 US from the sale of the world’s fastest log car.

“Monumental would be the word,” said Joyce Norberg, President of Branch 139 of the funds that amount to about $115,000 Cdn.

“For years Byran has always had the veteran in his heart and when this car was built between Gerald and Byran he always felt that he could do this sale and for 4 years they have been working on this.”

“This money will be donated to our Legion Foundation in Vancouver some of it, and some it will be for our Branch here to continue to do some maintenance and to house our veterans and their dependence. We are just greatly appreciated of what’s happened here today. It’s wonderful.”

The log car known as Cedar Rocket was sold 3 times at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona in January 2018 for $350,000 US with proceeds from the sale going to the Congressional Medal of Honour Society, the Boot Campaign out of Texas, Yellow Ribbon America out of Southern California and the Royal Canadian Branch 139.

“I feel good about doing this today, but this is why we built the car to start with,” says Reid.

“Four years ago our mandate always was to build the car and somehow get the money to veterans. This is probably the only Guinness World Record that we’ll ever get and it means more than anything because freedom isn’t free.”

Reid says that they have yet to deliver funds to the Boot Campaign and that he’ll be making a special trip to Dallas next month.