Wells will celebrate skiing and eating next weekend all in the name of raising money for a good cause.

Kate Sulis is one of the organizers of the Wells International Gourmet Ski…

“People ski around on the meadow trails and a little bit on the
Cornish Mountain trails too and they visit food stations that are out there and they eat and ski and dress in funny costumes, it’s certainly not competitive so it’s good for beginner skiers as well, and it’s just a fund day.”

Sulis says they cap things off with deserts and a prize ceremony at the pub and then in the evening there is a film festival.

The money raised will go towards the complete of the trails on Cornish Mountain that overlooks Wells.

Sulis says they opened up around 5 to 8 kilometres of new trail this year that was in the works since 1997.

She says they hope to get funding to complete the project in the summer or fall.