Member of Parliament for Kamloops-Thompson- Cariboo, Cathy McLeod has released the results of a survey on bill C-45, The Cannabis Act.

“I really wanted to try and get a sense of how people in this riding felt about it,” says McLeod.

“I put out a survey and it’s probably the biggest I’ve had in the years as an MP.”

Over 1,600 responses were received on the 3 question survey.

The first question, “Are you in favour of Bill C-45, The Cannabis Act?” The response was split nearly down the middle at 836 to 761 but was in favour of the act.

The second question asked, ” The Bill makes it lawful to consume and possess cannabis at age 18. Is that the right age?” The response was 1,008 on the no side to 586 saying yes.

The final question, in reference to recent NDP statements, asked “Should all illicit drugs be legalized. Do you agree?”

A resounding no was the response, with only 326 agreeing.

Many people who responded also shared personal stories of how marijuana use has affected their lives.