Slightly lower than the provincial rate, but higher than both Prince George and the Cariboo-Chilcotin School District.

That’s where the Quesnel School District landed in 2016-17 in terms of the six year graduation rate.

Sue-Ellen Miller is the District Superintendent for Quesnel…

“In 2016-17 we had 286 graduates and the six year completion rate was 82.4 percent, so down from 87, but still a significant improvement from where we were the years prior to that, where we were at about 78 percent three years in a row.”

The Provincial average was 84 percent.

The six year rate in the Cariboo-Chilcotin School District, according to the Ministry of Education, is around 78 percent and it is 73 in Prince George.

The six year grad rate for aboriginal students in Quesnel was just under 68 percent, which was again down from last year’s 75 percent, but still higher than in previous years.

Miller says the numbers can really jump around in smaller districts…

“For example, in this data i just talked about for 2016-17, 67 students were a part of the aboriginal cohort where the previous year, 2015-16, there were 88 students as part of that cohort, so even 1 or 2 students not graduating or not finishing within the six years will make an impact on that small number statistically.”

Miller says the dynamics of each class also change year to year.