Quesnel City Council is banning truck parking on several frontage roads in South Quesnel.

Signs will be going up along Rita Road, Balsam Avenue, Newman Road and Chew Road from the Tim Hortons to the Sandman Hotel.

Tanya Turner, the Director of Development Services, noted at this week’s meeting that the number of trucks parking in this location appears to be growing and that it has become a safety concern…

“It is not uncommon to find trucks parked on either side of the road, allowing room for only a single vehicle to access or pass through. It additionally obstructs site lines. Staff have also received complaints from businesses in the area regarding the trucks parking along these stretches of road.”

Turner says the businesses say these trucks are blocking access to their buildings and their visibility when exiting their site.

Mayor Bob Simpson noted that an enforcement strategy was also needed…

“So there has to be ticketing that goes in place with that, there has to be a strategic enforcement piece and I’ve asked the City Manager, because we can actually, under the new Municipal Policing agreement, we can ask the RCMP officers to act as Peace Officers for us, and this may be one of those cases.”

Simpson was quick to point out however that he has not yet run this by the RCMP.

The estimated cost for the signs and curb painting that would be needed to go ahead with this plan is around 5 thousand dollars.