The complexity of the Sam Ketcham Project which is nearing completion has resulted in it being $100,000 over the approved contingency in May of $979,000.

Darron Campbell, Director of Community Services for the Cariboo Regional District says despite this there will be no impact on taxation or the amount of money that they borrow.

“It’s all part of the overall Central Cariboo Recreation budget so it can be absorbed into some of the savings we had in other parts of the recreation budget both in the existing capital budget and some of the surpluses from the Central Cariboo Rec budget.”

Campbell says he believes the phased nature of the project, and the unknowns of opening Phase I and connecting and linking it with Phase II was why the project went over contingency.

Phase I of the project which includes the lap pool and fitness had opened in July but was later closed for three weeks to allow for the construction of the final stages of the project.

“In late 2016 we started with after all of the tender packages were awarded, we set a project budget of $13.1 million dollars and that included a certain amount of contingency that we would be able to deal with some of those unknowns and design challenges,” says Campbell.

“Then in the spring of 2017 that contingency that we had available was exhausted. Then in May, we had added it was just over $800,000 to finish the project, and now that amount of contingency has been exhausted. Thankfully we are very, very close to the end of the project.”

Williams Lake City Councillor Laurie Walters said last week that Phase II of the leisure pool which includes a three-loop water slide and lazy river open in the first week of December with an official grand opening sometime in the week of December 11-15.

Director of Community Services with the City of Williams Lake Geoff Paynton said on November 23 that they were mainly waiting for the various permits that are required for opening the pool to the public including a permit to operate the waterslide.

The Sam Ketcham Pool upgrade project is a joint initiative of the Cariboo Regional District and City of Williams Lake.