The 100 Mile Wranglers conquered some road woes as they got their second win away from home on Saturday with a 3-1 win over the Osoyoos Coyotes.

Wrangler Head Coach Dale Hladun says he doesn’t pay much attention to home and road records.

“Ah I really don’t, we just watch how we play home or away – the effort that’s being put in. You always want to win but again what’s the lesson in it, it’s all practice til the playoffs.”

The Wranglers will now travel to Revelstoke Friday for a 1st place showdown in the Doug Birks Division. 100 Mile is 1 point back of the Grizzlies for 1st place but has also played 2 more games.

The Kamloops Storm will come to town Saturday night for another Division match up as the two teams face off for the fourth time this year at 7:30pm.