There was good turnout at a public information open house Tuesday evening in regards to the proposal by School District 27 to redesign the parking lots at Cataline Elementary School and relocate the bus loop from its present location off Blair Street to the forested area behind the school.

Kevin Futcher is the Secretary-Treasurer and Corporate Financial Officer for School District 27.

“We had lots of people in, neighbors and staff, and parents of students that go to Cataline School. We had lots of good feedback; ideas on how the draft proposal could be changed, or even other ideas of mitigating the traffic congestion and safety issues that we have at the school.”

Futcher says that adjustments were made at three schools in School District 27 and that Cataline Elementary would be the fourth school they are looking at adding that it has quite a traffic flow problem with Blair Street and 11th Avenue with buses coming in, students walking to school, and parents picking up or dropping their child.

The School District according to Futcher will be accepting public input now until November 22 on the draft proposals either in writing or through their website in a survey which is expected to be available today.

The next public meeting on the draft Cataline Elementary Bus Loop Plan is scheduled to take place on November 7 at 6:30 pm.

“Currently we’re looking at $200,000 for the cost of the project,” says Futcher noting that the exact cost will depend on what the final proposal looks like.

Futcher says the earliest that the District could possibly make a decision on the draft proposal is November 28.