BC’s Minister of Citizen Services was in Quesnel yesterday.

Jinny Sims first made a stop at the local Service BC Centre where she says she was impressed with the diversity of services that are being provided.

She says she also sat down the Mayor and Council, the Chamber of Commerce and the local Teachers Association.

Sims says one of the common challenges she heard was around connectivity and particularly outside the city core…

“Just as in the old days railways were important and so were highways to move goods and people, today in order to grow an economy and to diversify the job market, as well as for education and healthcare, connectivity is really a key, key tool that has to be used.”

Sims says teachers talked about the need for more technology in student learning…

“The schools are connected, they have connectivity that’s not an issue. The biggest issue for schools is they don’t have the equipment they need. They don’t have the computers, they don’t have the programs they need, they don’t have the hardware…so the frustration the teachers feel knowing in their school they have this capability but they don’t have the hardware to use it. It’s like having a car you bought but it sits there because you don’t have the gas to make it move.”

There was also talk about the cost of internet and cell phones and the challenges that creates for some families.

Sims will be in Williams Lake today.