Mt Timothy requires immediate funds by October 15 in order for the hill to open for the upcoming 2017/18 ski and snowboard season after the not-for-profit Mt Timothy Ski Society held two member meetings last week in 100 Mile House and in Williams Lake.

At the meetings, the Society’s volunteer Board of Directors informed members that Mt Timothy has managed to have balanced operating budget with a small profit this past year, largely due to the great efforts of hill staff led by General Manager Caroline Sherrer. However, with past debt slowly being re-paid but continuing to hang over the hill, coupled with loss of season pass sales, fundraising opportunities, time to maintain and repair hill assets, and loss of staff associated with the wildfires and evacuations over the summer, Mt Timothy requires an immediate injection of at least $50,000 by October 15 in order for the hill to open December 15.

“Mt Timothy is a community asset, the same as the pools, rinks, and many other facilities in our communities,” said Ryan Wonnacott, President of the Mt Timothy Ski Society Board of Directors.

“Whether one uses Mt Timothy or not, it helps provide a place for affordable winter recreation, offers discounted ski/snowboard packages for students that many of the schools in School District No. 27 take advantage of, provides a place for the not-for-profit Timberland Ski Club to run their Nancy Greene Ski League and Race Club for youth, contributes to the local economy, and helps attract and keep people in the region. It improves our quality of life, and to not have a local ski and snowboard area would be a big blow to the Cariboo.”

“We have great ideas for the future of Mt Timothy, but to get there we first need to raise the money we need to open this season, second have a great ski and snowboard season, and then retire our debt before we can really get to the task of making significant changes.”

The Mt. Timothy Ski Area has operated since 1987 and is one of the few remaining hills in Western Canada not privately owned and managed, but run by a volunteer-driven not-for-profit Society. Because it is also outside municipal area boundaries and not supported by local taxes, Mt Timothy must rely on ticket sales, donations, fundraising events, grants, and in-kind volunteer time.

“October 15 is coming up very fast, but being ready to open for the Christmas-New Year’s period is critical, as it provides close to a third of our annual revenue,” says Wonnacott. “Getting that $50,000 by October 15 would provide the funds for us to hire back staff, begin maintenance activities before the snow flies, pay off some outstanding vendor payables, and replenish our supplies, such as those for our lifts, snow cat, snowmobiles, lodges, and for many other necessities.”

The Society will hold its Annual General Meeting for Society members (season pass holders) on Sunday, November 5 at 6:00pm in the Gibraltar Room at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex in Williams Lake,

More information about Mt Timothy is available at, or Mt.Timothy Ski Area on Facebook.