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(Story by Kyle Balzer)

The BC government has delivered its throne speech in the Victoria legislature, labeled as ‘to-the-point.’

The province lists three key priorities widely emphasizing on ‘putting people first’ in committing to making life more affordable, more accessible, and more sustainable for all walks of life.

Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon reads this promise from the NDP…

“We will listen, deal honestly with the problems facing us today, and bring people together to find solutions. We will defend BC’s interests, economy, environment, and coast; we will share BC’s prosperity with all of the people who built this province.”

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The speech also confirmed several promises made by the government from May’s election campaign, including establishing a fair wages commission, a goal of bringing a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and proper funding for schools, along with the resources needed.

Even though a $10-a-day childcare wasn’t verbally mentioned in Friday’s speech, Premier John Horgan says a financial plan is making the daily living more light.

“We’ve already started in the seven weeks that we’ve been in government, creating more spaces and working with the existing infrastructure to make sure that we’re providing childcare spaces today, and by next February, there’ll be a more comprehensive plan for people to review.”

The province will be looking to invest in new infrastructure, including hospitals and schools to provide more spaces for families as well.

“We believe that providing services,” rebutted Horgan when asked why the subject was highlighted as ‘vague.’

“Whether it be healthcare or education, those are two areas where the previous government didn’t meet the test. The public wants their government to provide services that are important to them, and nothing’s more important to British Columbians than public healthcare.”

The throne speech also mentioned the continuous reconciliation of First Nations communities across BC by strongly implementing the UN’s Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

It also states the government is committed to protecting and supporting traditional industries like forestry, mining, agriculture, aquaculture, and natural gas.

Horgan believes all governments will be able to work together in the months ahead.

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