A Resiliency Centre has been set up at Boitanio Mall in Williams Lake to support evacuees once they are able to return to their homes.

“Canadian Red Cross is working at the Resiliency Centre along with our partners,” explains Red Cross leader Charlotte McGlade.

“Canadian Red Cross will be present, but also emergency social services, the City of Williams Lake, the CRD, we’ll also have the insurance agencies here, women groups, First Nation communities, health services, Hydro…So all the partners and agencies will be in one place so that the community has a one stop-shop to come and address all of their needs as they return back home.”

McGlade adds that they will be offering comfort kits consisting of hygiene products, as well as fire clean up kits with cleaning supplies, after clean up fire solution, and odour controller.

She says that Canadian Red Cross will also be providing $300 for re-entry support.

“We will be here for the long haul, this isn’t a short term solution. There’s going to be a lot of people coming back quite quickly, and so there might be some line ups and things at the beginning, however, we’re going to be here,” says McGlade.

“They don’t need to rush in. They can go home and assess and come in when and if they feel they need some of the services that we’re providing.”

Mayor of Williams Lake Walt Cobb says that the City is ‘ready to welcome you home as soon as we can determine there is no imminent danger.’

Chief Fire Information Officer Kevin Skrepnek with BC Wildfire Service said Wednesday afternoon during a media teleconference that they will be taking City staff up on some flights so they can see first hand where the fire activity is at.

“Given that weather forecast, I think in terms of our recommendation we’re definitely going to want to wait and see in terms of what these fires are going to do, how they’re going to react to this weather.”