District of 100 Mile House Mayor Mitch Campsall is pleased with how smoothly the re-entry for residents has gone over the past few days.

He says while the wildfires are still on everybody’s mind, a lot of the area’s resorts and business are in need of support.

“We have resorts out there that need you to go out camping. If you can take the time on your weekends let’s utilize your resorts because they’re suffering to…We need to right now really buckle down and start using all of our businesses in town, they have had a rough time – let’s face it being closed for two weeks during the busiest time of our year and we need them to be open.”

Evacuees were able to return home on Saturday with more on the way

“We just love to see the people back home again and it’s great and we still have people trickling in again but you know what we’re doing everything we can and if we can help anybody let us know and we’ll do our best to deal with what we have to.”

Anyone needing assistance can head to the South Cariboo Recreation Centre.

The Gustafson wildfire as of Monday, July 24 was reported by the BC Wildfire Service at 100% containment and being held.

(Files from Brendan Pawliw with MYPRINCEGEORGENOW)