The Gustafson Wildfire near 100 Mile House is now 65% contained.

Fire Information Officer Lynn Daina says the upcoming forecast is also promising. “We’re in good shape, the forecast today is 23 degrees and were looking at a relative humidity of 30% so those conditions will allow us to make progress today and be able to get that number up.”

Several factors contributed to the containment increase Daina says. “A lot of hard work and a little bit of Mother Nature, the cool down has helped us make the progress that we have. We are working on a perimeter from 100 to 150 feet to put out the hot spots and cleaning up that particular area.”]

That number is up from 45%.

Over 200 fire personnel are battling the blaze.

Less than 5 millimetres of rain reached the area yesterday.

(Files from Brendan Pawliw With MYPRINCEGEORGENOW)