A positive report today on the Gustafson wildfire that has forced the evacuation of 100 Mile House.

Heather Rice, the Fire Information Officer for the South Cariboo, says they continue to make progress.

“It remains within the perimeters, the same perimeters over the last 48 hours. I can tell you we are now mapping that fire at 5,700 hectares. That increase is again just as a result of a controlled burn, not as a result of the fire growing in any way.”

Rice says it is now 25% contained.

‘They are very confident that the fire will not jump any guards or move any way, certainly, I would say that’s mainly along that Highway 97 corridor because they have been working that very, very hard for a number of days now, wetting it down and pushing it back into the fire perimeter so that and along the south flank are the areas where they are considering it 25 percent contained.”

Rice says the plan today is to continue to work on those guard lines, pushing them back to establish them at at least a hundred feet wide.