Perhaps a glimmer of hope for South Cariboo residents, evacuated because of the wildfires, who would like to go home.

Cariboo Regional District Chair Al Richmond says re-entry plans are in the works…

“I am hoping by the end of today, perhaps tomorrow, we may be able to give people, if things stay the way they are we should be able to give people a reasonable idea about potential re-entry. We will be doing it in conjunction with 100 Mile.”

Richmond says the actual plans are pretty much done but he says there is still a lot of work that needs to be done…

“The hospital in 100 Mile House is shut down so we don’t even have ER facilities there right now operational so Interior Health has to get the hospital opened again and that means they have to clean it and do all the things .”

Richmond says some of the work that is and has been done includes going into areas like 108 mile, 103 mile and Miocene to do assessments on what has been lost.

He says the building inspector will likely go into these areas to check for potential hazards as well.

And Richmond says Hydro has done it’s infrastructure review in some of the South Cariboo areas, Telus was in the midst of doing theirs and he expects Fortis Gas to do the same.

Richmond, 100 Mile Mayor Mitch Campsall and Cariboo Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett are scheduled to go to Kamloops today for a meeting with evacuees.

CRD Director John Massier is expected to do the same in Quesnel where some evacuees have also landed.