It appears the Quesnel area survived the wind yesterday as there was no significant growth in the wildfires closest to the City.

Mayor Bob Simpson did a flyover yesterday to get a first-hand look at the fires closest to the City.

“We flew over the Green Mountain fire and saw the containment fire that was put around that fire and saw the nature of that fire and how dispersed it is over what we call Green Mountain. And then we flew to a small fire around what people call Hazard Hollow on Highway 97, a fire that was on both sides of the Fraser River that had run really hot.”

Simpson says firefighters were able to protect the few homes that were in that area.

He says they couldn’t fly over the West Fraser Road complex of fires.

“A wall of smoke was coming at us and the helicopter had to make the decision to turn back to the airport base. So it was a real lesson in how quickly those circumstances can change and how dangerous the situation is for the air operations and why sometimes they must be grounded.”

That fire at last report was around 120 hectares and was 80 percent contained.