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Quesnel RCMP Release Theft Prevention Tips

Quesnel RCMP have released tips to prevent you from being a thief’s next target.

“With summer and the hotter weather people are more susceptible to leaving things unlocked and opened,” explains Operations Support NCO Sgt. Chris Riddle.

Riddle encourages everyone in their neighbourhood to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and to report it immediately to police.

•Don’t leave empty cartons in your carport, yard or driveway. You are advertising the fact you have a brand new flat screen TV, laptop, iPad or other very desirable object to steal.•Keep your doors locked even though you may just be in your back yard. It doesn’t take long for a thief to slip into and out of your home.

•Keep your doors locked even though you may just be in your back yard. It doesn’t take long for a thief to slip into and out of your home.

•Close and lock all windows each time you leave your home and ensure your windows are secure while you are sleeping.

•If you have an alarm, ensure to set it before you leave home. Ensure a keyholder is identified and provided to the alarm company to check on your alarm system should it become faulty.

•Do not keep ladders or tools on the outside of your home. If an item can be used to gain entry into your home keep it locked up and out of sight.

•Always keep your vehicle locked and windows rolled up. Valuables such as your wallet or purse need to be taken inside with you. Items such as sunglasses, loose change and electronics need to be stored out of sight even if your car is parked in your carport or driveway.

•While on vacation arrange for someone to mow your lawn and pick up your mail. It’s ideal to have someone you trust house-sit for you so your home is still lived in while you are away. If this is not possible make sure your home looks lived in during your time away.

•Use timers on indoor lights and tamper-proof, motion sensor lights around the perimeter of your home. Lighting is the most effective crime prevention tool since criminals do not want to be seen.

•Keep your vacation plans off social networks like Facebook. It is easy to gain access to personal information once it’s entered onto Facebook or another social network.

•Make sure your house number is visible during the day and night. In an emergency you want emergency crews to find your house number as soon as possible.

•Install a door viewer so you know who is at your door before you open it. Know who is there before you open your door and home to a stranger.

•Get to know your neighbours. Knowing who belongs in your building or in your neighbourhood is a great way to protect yourself.

•Don’t let strangers in your home or apartment complex. Most people will understand that you are not being rude by not letting them in and your neighbours will thank you for helping to keep the building safe.

•Talk to your building manager or Strata Council about installing security cameras in and around your complex.

•Record serial numbers, keep a log and take pictures of items in your storage shed, including your bicycles, lawn mowers and other big ticket items.

•Check on your storage shed/outbuildings from time to time to make sure items are safe and nothing has been tampered with. If you find that it has been broken into, call the RCMP; we want to know about it even if nothing has been stolen.

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