A new residential 4-storey 38-unit affordable housing complex has now officially been given the green light from Quesnel City Council.

A zoning amendment and an amendment to the Official Community Plan were unanimously endorsed, although Councillor Ron Paull, much to the chagrin of Mayor Bob Simpson, did raise a concern about the parking.

Paull noted that the parking variance from 63 spaces down to 37 was a bit of a concern…

“Is there any way that when a tenant rents in this new housing development, some units could include parking and some not ? Or do they all include, like is it a free-for-all for parking ?”

Mayor Simpson obviously wasn’t thrilled with the question…

“Councillor Paull, with respect, this is coming to final reading of this. We’ve had a public hearing, there has been a public open house, there’s been substantive dialogue about this project and to come to final reading, and none of this parking issue has been raised either by you or any other Council member.”

Simpson felt it was a little late in the game to be discussing parking.

For it’s part, the proponent noted that developments of these types typically don’t even use all of the parking that they have.

The complex will now be built in the 300 block of McLean Street.