The Williams Lake Tourism Discovery Centre has been busy with visitor activity.

Supervisor Jaylyn Byer explains.

“Already we see quite a few travelers that are heading up Highway 97 corridor heading to Alaska.”

Byer says although she does not have the numbers on how many visitors they have had to the Centre so far, overall activity has been increasing over the years with more than 25,000 visitors making a stop at the Centre in 2016.

She says this year they have two summer students and that they may possibly hire one more, adding that they have a slew of upcoming events planned.

“The most recent one will be on the 27th which is our ‘Junk in the Trunk’ and also on the 28th is the kickoff to Tourism Week in British Columbia, and we’ll be holding some events in June.”

The Centre will be open 7 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm starting on Tuesday.