Quesnel City Council has given the green light to more 383 thousand dollars worth of paving in 2017.

It covers off five projects, including one for more than 126 thousand dollars on Gook Road from Hydraulic to the start of the sewer project.

The others are on Baker Drive from English Avenue to Foster, on Marsh Drive from the west end of the Moffat Bridge to Elliott Street, the Moffat Bridge approach from McLean Street and Neighbour Road from Enemark to Thompson.

Director of Capital Works and Infrastructure Ken Coombs…

“Neighbour Road is experiencing complete base failure so that project would be slightly different in that we will sub excavate the base gravel out, put down geosynthetic fabrics and build up the base again.”

Coombs was also asked about Johnson Road that is in pretty rough shape.

He noted that it was also considered but that it also needs the water services underneath it replaced.

Coombs says that will likely take place in 2018.

He did reassure Council that the potholes would be filled this year.