The Cariboo Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition also known as CBAC held it’s first meeting with a new Chair and a new Board last week.

Quesnel Mayor Bob Simpson, also the new Chair, says the focus is how to best spend the remaining 2.2 million dollars that the Coalition has.

Simpson says one of the key decisions they made was to no longer fund capital projects and adds that they are now trying to clean up their decision-making process to make it crystal clear what does and what does not qualify for funding.

A process needs to be designed to take into the sub-regions that look at two things, according to Simpson: ‘what are the true commonalities that we can all work on together and what are the unique aspects of each of those strategy areas that need to be funded at the local level’.

He says that will also put them into a position to leverage other funds such as the Northern Development Initiative Trust, the Ministry of Jobs and Tourism and Foundations to name just a few.