Technical experts hired by the Williams Lake Indian Band and Soda Creek First Nation were at the Likely community hall last night.

Chief Bev Sellars, of the Soda Creek First Nation, says the meeting, which provided Likely residents an opportunity to discuss the issues to date and share their concerns, was about strengthening local relationships and answering questions in an unbiased manner.


As some dismay and concern were expressed later during the meeting about Mt. Polley’s submitted an application for an early restart, Sellars says she believes it will take longer than 30 days to process the application and calls Imperial Metals Vice President, Steve Robertson, overconfident.


Brian Olding, an environmental planner, who has been retained by the Soda Creek First Nation and Williams Lake Indian Band, meanwhile says he has some concerns of the application that would use Springer Pit as a tailings impoundment.


Sellars says that the Williams Lake Indian Band and Soda Creek First Nation are not in favor of reopening the mine as too many questions remain unanswered and had expressed that when they met with Imperial Metals to discuss the proposed application in December.